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Policies & Rules

Policies & Rules

    • No entry w /o valid Library Membership card.
    • Expired cards are renewed w/o delay.
    • No Co  Male and Female members are to sit in respective study section /room.
    • Show your bags/objects for inspection on demand of security guard / Library staff.
    • Llibrary staff is not responsible for personal items which are lost, stolen or damaged in library premises.
    • Enter ‘Check in’ at IN / OUT register, while visiting and leaving library.
    • Eatables are consumed in Café only.
    • Smoking is not allowed inside Library.
    • Leave personal bags / belongings at designated place of Library.
    • Guests / relatives of Library members are not allowed inside Library.
    • Misbehavior with Library Staff will tantamount to withdrawal of membership.
    • Dress
      • Male Members
        • Clothing         –        Lounge suit, Safari suit, pant shirt, shalwar.q qameez
        • Shoes              –       Shoes or sandals or sleepers but no chappal, or sleepers or joggers. or
      • Female Members 
        • Clothing         –         Shalwar Qameez,  Kurta / Full sleeve T shirt with  trousers
        • Shoes         –        Shoes, or sandals but no chappal / joggers slippers
      • Timing
        • We are open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday to Thursday.
        • 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM Saturday – Sunday/
        • Friday & Gazetted Holidays / Closed.
        • Reception and internet section timings are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
        • Membership Registration Timings are 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday to     
        • Lunch Break 1300 – 1400 hrs, Friday 12:30 – 1400 hrs
      • No Mobile phone calls / skype / video audio or making noises inside Library.
      • Park your Cars/MCs/Cycles in designated parking area at own responsibility.
      • Damage to Library equipment / facilities will be charged.
      • Members are not allowed to take newspapers, journals and magazines away from prescribed area.
      • Library is meant for studies and not for business activities or online professional services, while using library internet facility or otherwise.

    NOTE:   Any violation of rules will lead to cancellation of membership at any time.


Internet Section

  • Library computers are meant for studies and not for business activities / skype or online professional services.
  • Internet section timing are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
  • No noise or use of Mobile phones inside internet section.
  • Library internet facility will not be used for immoral, illegal or anti Pakistan activities.
  • Watching movies, games and obscene material is not allowed.
  • Use of computers is allowed free, only to members with valid library card.
  • Use of internet by group of members is not allowed
  • Members are not allowed to interchange computers settings.
  • Members having outstanding fines / dues of library will be denied to use computer facility.
  • Food and beverages are not permitted with in library vicinity.


  • Male and Female members are not allowed to sit together at one table. Both will be restrict to own designated section. First will be exclusively reserve for ladies 5:00 pm.
  • Members are not allowed to take newspapers, journals and magazines away from prescribed area.


Security At Car Parking. Members to ensure :-

  • Secured parking of their vehicles at own risk in Parking Area.
  • Parking of vehicles in orderly manners allowing smooth IN / OUT  of vehicles from entry and exit points.
  • No parking is allowed after off timing or during off days.

Building Security.         Members to :-

  • Avoid smoking inside Library.
  • Report if observe fire / short circuiting or loose electric sockets / joints inside Library to Library Receptionist or any staff nearby.

Ethical Security.   Members to ensure :-

  • Respect of each other.
  • No disturbance in any manner to other members.
  • No pestering or staring to female staff and members through direct or indirect approaches.


Do not bring and eat your food inside library. You can eat on in cafe outside.

Dress Code

Male Members

  • Clothing – Lounge suit, Safari suit, pant shirt, shalwar qameez
  • Shoes  –   Shoes, Joggers, sandals but no chappal or sleepers.


Female Members

  • Clothing – Shalwar Qameez, Kurta / Full sleeve T shirt with trousers
  • Shoes  –     Shoes, Joggers, sandals but no chappal or sleepers.

Book Borrowing

  • Submit any book or object for inspection, when requested by the library staff.
  • Do not write, underline or mark any library book and tables. The books are carefully examined on return and the borrower will be held responsible for any damage.
  • After reading leave books on the table. Please do not shelve the books.
  • Members are expected to return books on time and in good condition Or after due date promptly pay fines.
  • Lost material / book will be charged at replacement cost.


Smoking is strictly prohibited in the Library.


Complete silence should be observed except for brief and subdued talk with library staff.


Keep your mobile phones silent within the library.


Some items in the Library cannot be copied because of copy right laws, poor condition or donor restriction.

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