A week was dedicated to our great poet Doc Muhammad Iqbal which was celebrated at DPL to pay tribute for his concrete efforts in emerging independent country “The Pakistan”, A
special corner was dedicated to setting up his books for awareness and inspiration of our young generation.
Available male ,female members attended the event, where emphasis was given on Iqbal vision in building a Nation through his powerful poetry.
” افراد کے ہاتھوں میں ہے اقوام کی تقدیر
ہر فرد ہے ملت کے مقدر کا ستارہ “

In the history of last 2 decades,since the inception of Def public lib, it was ever Ist occasion, where children, along with their mothers from the story teller club or anyother club, visited us on 19 October 2023. Children aged 3 – 8 yrs were given a round of Lib to have a feel,mean while they enjoyed the session in children section with keen interest.
In the end, they were presented with Pakistani flag to feel a patriotic sense. They also geared up in singing a song Dil Dil Pakistan …..with zeal and enthusiasm.Thier mothers appreciated well upkept standards of Lib and reading/ amuzment stuff.
Continuation of such activities will motivate families to push their children to be friendly with books in the future.This will also enforce parents to be members of our Lib,in future.

2nd Book Club meeting was held on 16 September 2023 at Defence Public Library in DHA Lahore. Residents & notable personalties from all walks of life came to share the importance of poetry in our culture. They also visited book fare section established by hope uplifting foundation (HuF) & praised extra ordinary contributions by DHA management!

A small event on Eid Milad Ul Nabi (صَلَّى اللّٰهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّم) was celebrated in DHA Public Library during designated Milad Week from 27th Sep – 1st Oct 2023.Where DPL Staff and avaliable members very delightedly participated to pay tribute to Allah’s Prophet(صَلَّى اللّٰهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّم) by highlighting his Seerat and dynamic personality for entire globe as
رحمت العالمین
OIC Library shared very useful information regarding Sirat-un-Nabi, which enriched knowledge of the members and staff.
In the end, a cake was served on this special occasion.

DHA Library celebrated Defence week from 4 Sep to 10 Sep to pay tribute to our soldiers on scarifying their lives for defending solidarity of Pakistan. Ceremony was held on 9th Sep, where available members participated. Senior citizens shared their personal experiences of 1965/71 war and emphasised the importance of independence.
Battle of Chiwinda was well felt by each one of them. Later, OIC Lib also hilighted main gallantry of each Shaheed, who embraced Shahadat and were awarded Nishan e Haider.

Interns undergoing training at DHA visited along with HR team to the library for orientation. A pep talk was given to ignite the need for book reading amongst the young generation, which was well taken by all. Such visits play a vital role in better grooming of interns.

A Book Club Meeting was held on 13th May, 2023 at Defence Public Library. State of the art residents & notable personalties from all walks of life came to share the moral of the book” Talking to strangers” by Malcolm Gladwell”. They all praised available state of art facilities by DHA Lahore and paid special thanks to the higher management on extending opportunity.

As you are aware. We celebrate Pakistan Day (23rd March as Pakistan week. A special corner was set up in the library where related books were also placed. On this occasion, senior citizens, available students, and library staff paid tribute to our heroes who had presented and supported the resolution for separate country, Pakistan!